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The Swimming Performance Institute initially came together as an alliance of three different professionals with the common goal of helping to develop the sport of swimming and the athletes within it - regardless of their age and current level of performance.

A renowned sports scientist from Philidelphia, USA, a sports chiropractor from Maidstone, UK and a swimming performance coach from Rovaniemi, Finland.  

All found themselves frustrated with the level of injuries in this sport as well as the poor implication of well-researched principles for athlete development, which are successfully used almost universally in every other sport.

Geographical distance is no hindrance to progress in this day and age, and within quite a short time span a curriculum and product range has been developed to achieve the objectives of the Swimming Performance Institute.

Central to this is the program of Swimming Performance Assessments but also academic seminars for all the professionals involved in the development and management of a swimming team and it's individual athletes.

Jenni is an international sport scientist specializing in kinematic and physiological factors in swimming performance.

While she oversees the sport science analyses of any swimmer, Jenni specializes in complex return-to-sport cases, often collaborating with collegiate and Olympic level coaches, surgeons, and physiotherapists.

Athletes under her supervision often see a decrease in performance-limiting conditions within two session and typically see 2-4 seconds of performance improvement.

She is the Managing Director of Aqueous; the founder of the Teleperformance Clinic powered by Santasport Olympic Training Center; and presenter at the International Symposium of 3D Analysis of Human Movement, International Symposium of Swimming Coaching, and National Strength and Conditioning Association's webinar series.

Jenni has recently co-authored articles for the British Journal of Sports Medicine. 

Jenni Brozena MS


Jukka is 100 % fascinated with aquatic activities. His objective is to develop as an aquatic professional and to develop swimming as a sport.

Jukka currently works at Olympic Training Center Rovaniemi, where his duties as Head of Aquatics is to manage the swimming development program called Santasport Swimming. Jukka has been working with swimming development since 2012, and he has created new innovations for both Learn to Swim and Competitive Swimming.

"Giving people the possibility to perform and the possibility to live their dreams” is my agenda, when it comes to working in swimming development.

My long-term goal is to develop Santasport Swimming to become recognized as a national and international center for research, development and innovation in swimming; helping people at all levels and guide the sport in the right direction”.

Constant learning drives Jukka to be the best professional he can be. He was introduced to the sport of swimming in 2002 when he started his Bachelor of Sports studies. He’s been affiliated with various activities of swimming since that time. In 2014 he graduated as Master of Sports, and afterwards he has been studying human movement and movement analysis.

Recently he has shared his insights of swimming performance development on SwimSwam news.

“Eager to learn, questioning the present theories and listening to others is one of my founding principles as a professional”

Jukka Shemeikka MSc

Jesper has worked and continues to work with athletes in many sports and of varied standards from weekend warriors to world champions and Major winners; the common characteristic between them all is the desire to get better.

From 2009 to 2016 Jesper worked and travelled with top professional golfers.  

This meant working at events on the European and US PGA Tours in the role as both clinician and performance director coordinating all aspects of therapy, diet, conditioning and training schedules.

After returning to work at Southcote Proactive Healthcare in Maidstone, UK, he now runs clinics for athletes of all standards and provides second-opinion consultations for other practitioners.  

Jesper's swimming interest started with his own mid-life triathlon challenge but has grown to a keen interest in helping all  athletes in this sport from community learn-to-swim programmes to international competitors.

'Successful coaching, conditioning, and management of sports injuries all have the same basis to work from: The human body and the way it generates movement and power.  

Common understanding and a common language between professionals ensure succes.' 

Jesper is an international lecturer on patient management and enjoys the challenge of making difficult material easy to understand both in a teaching situation but also on a daily basis with his patients.

Jesper Dahl DC CCSP CCEP FRCC (sport & exercise)

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