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7 Moves. No Equipment. Less Than 5 Minutes.

The swimmer is slowing down because their shoulders are weak. Maybe. The swimmer lost their coordination after their growth spurt. Probably. How do we fix it?

This guess and check discussion surrounding a swimmer's performance problem happens between coaches, parents, and performance coaches all the time. It's talked about on deck, in the parking lot, or waiting for the athlete to get out of the locker room. We don't have a standardized method to accurately screen if a swimmer is actually experiencing a performance problem or are simply loosing their focus... until now. 

More than 500 athletes, coaches, parents, performance coaches, and rehab practitioners have started studying the Swimming Performance Assessment: Level 1. This free tool provides a standardized method, instruction, and scoring system that is a solution to every challenge present with swim screens. 

No equipment available. Good, this assessment requires no equipment. 

Short on time. No problem, it takes less than 5 minutes to perform. 

Deck is too crowded with swimmers. Cool, this can be done in any available space. 

No budget. Awesome, learn level 1 online for free. Actually, share it with your parents and volunteers to learn too.

The Swimming Performance Assessment was developed by a multi-disciplinary team at the Swimming Performance Institute with the goal to provide a realistic tool for everyone surrounding a swimmer to be able to identify, articulate, and start the process of getting the swimmer the best help possible. All without interrupting their training.

Jenni Brozena MS

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